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Subject: Disk quota upgrade
Date: Fri, Aug 06 2021 -- 2:27 AM
Posted by: Alexis Rosen

On Thursday, Panix raised the disk quota for most services by 50%.

For Panix shell users, mailbox customers, and most others, you now get
6GB of disk space instead of 4GB with the standard account. Additional
disk blocks are 1.5GB each instead of 1GB. Other account types that
came with more than 4GB similarly got 50% increases. (We did NOT change
VC allocations; those will likely be changed later this year.)

If you are paying for extra disk blocks right now, you may want to see
if you can get by with fewer blocks, to save money. We are NOT reducing
anyone's disk blocks automatically. You can check your usage and quota
with the "quota" command, from the shell, or in our web interface at