Dialup Numbers for Nebraska

Caution re. "local" phone numbers:
Panix cannot promise that any of the numbers below are local to you. Even a number that seems local may not count as a local call under some calling plans. Your phone company can usually tell you which of these numbers is a local call. We urge you to check with them before selecting a number or assuming that it is local. Using a long-distance or regional-toll number for Internet access can result in substantial toll charges on your phone bill, and we don't want that to happen to you.
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308 402
Area Code 308
Number Location
308-221-4038 North Platte
308-225-4042 Scottsbluff
308-229-0038 Lyman
308-536-4405 Fullerton
308-646-0038 Grand Island
308-872-7038 Broken Bow
308-946-7405 Central City
Area Code 402
Number Location
402-238-1032 Bennington
402-298-5163 Plattsmouth
402-316-4002 Norfolk
402-317-5032 Fremont
402-374-4996 Tekamah
402-385-5061 Pender
402-603-4158 Osceola
402-615-7093 Schuyler
402-695-4181 Emerson
402-817-4047 Lincoln
402-835-4004 Columbus
402-882-4006 South Yankton
402-902-4002 Hastings

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