Panix Rules of Use for V-Colo Servers

The Objective of These Rules:

These rules are intended to protect us, our users, and the Internet. We keep them to a minimum (no 10-page Terms of Service contracts full of unpareseable fine print here), but the rules we do have must be followed.

If you violate the rules, we might decide that you didn't mean any harm, and let you off with a warning- but we might also decide to terminate your service without a refund. We've done that only a few times in our 16+ year history, always for cases of spamming. Please don't add your name to that very short list.

Please do not try to be creative about circumventing our rules. We're generally nice folks with an excellent reputation for being reasonable; if you have a problem with them, bring it to us.

The Rules

You may not:
  1. Do anything illegal or anything that adversely affects Panix's legal interests.
  2. Tamper with other accounts, or commit unauthorized intrusion into any part of Panix's system or use any of Panix's machines, files or accounts to intrude without authorization into any other system ("cracking").
  3. Use Panix services not included in your subscription or devise ways to circumvent security so you have access to services you haven't paid for ("theft of services").
  4. Use the system (willfully or negligently) in a manner that encumbers disk space, processors or other system or network resources so as to interfere with others' normal use of services on Panix or on other systems (causing a "denial of service").
  5. Spam the net with commercial or non-commercial email or postings.
  6. Create or participate in chain letters or pyramid schemes.
  7. Send unsolicited mass mailings or unsolicited subscriptions with a "negative option" for continuation. (The negative option is one where you invite people who do not wish to receive further mailings to reply to you, or to unsubscribe themselves.) If you use a mass mailing from another site to promote a service that we host, we may disable that service.

Changing The Rules

The rules listed here are a subset of the rules for use of Panix shell accounts, which haven't changed substantially in over 15 years. (Except the term "spam" didn't exist when we first wrote the rules, so that's different.)

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change the rules at any time, as we see fit. If we do change the rules, we'll let you know by sending email to the contact address you've provided us, and by posting the new version on this page. If you don't accept the change, you can request a refund for any unused portion of the services you've paid for within one month of the rules change, and we'll return your money and remove your server.

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